About us

EO Supply Co. are a company dedicated to bringing you fresh, modern and premium quality home fragrance products to brighten your day and your home.
Based in Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW and established in 2016, we are a small independently owned business, we are passionate about our customers and ensuring they love our products and have a great experience shopping with us.
Our Candles:
Our range of soy candles uses 100% natural soy wax and high quality blended fragrance oils.  Soy candles are natural and are free from harmful toxins commonly used in other candles. They are safe to burn around pets, small children and pregnant mums to be. They have a low melting point, which means they burn for longer and will fill your space with beautiful fragrance. Soy wax is water soluble so any spills clean up easily with hot soapy water, and our jars are easily cleaned to be reused after you finish burning your candle.
Each EO Supply Co soy candle is individually wicked and hand poured with natural soy wax and blended with high quality fragrance oils for the perfect scent. All candles have a lead free wick, are clean burning, eco friendly and make the perfect gift or addition to your space.
We hope that you love them as much as we do. Enjoy! 
Contact us at eosupplyco@gmail.com
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